by Red Scare

Red Scare will be releasing a collection of Direct Hit! material called More of the Same (Satanic Singles: 2010-2014). It's out August 21, 2015 on physical formats and a week early for you digital people. Vocalist Nick Woods adds:

Seemingly every Direct Hit! release from the band's inception until now has involved songs written by different people in and out of and graduated from the group, as performed by a different band of musicians, every time. This'll be our second release in a row featuring the same band, for the first time in Direct Hit-story (get it?), from which the middle period may be chronicled by these 11 songs, plus Brainless God . We expect a Nobel Peace Prize any day now.

  1. Bored & Out Of Line
  2. Brain Surgery
  3. Captain Asshole
  4. Werewolf Shame
  5. Fallout Shelter Television
  6. Secret Recipe
  7. More Of The Same
  8. Through The Windshield, Holding Hands
  9. Say Whatever
  10. Wasting Away
  11. A Message For The Angels Pt. I