Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine

Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine are going to Europe in August and September. You can check out the dates below.

The band released White People and the Damage Done in 2013.

08/21/2015Pstereo FestivalTrondheim, Norway
08/22/2015VEGACopenhagen, Denmark
08/23/2015MarkthalleHamburg, Germany
08/25/2015SO36Berlin, Germany
08/26/2015Werk 2 - KulturfabrikLeipzig, Germany
08/27/2015FledaBrno, Czech Republic
08/28/2015Vintage Industrial BarZagreb, Croatia
08/30/2015Lokomotiv ClubBologna, Italy
08/31/2015Legend ClubMilan, Italy
09/01/2015Rote FabrikZurich, Switzerland
09/03/2015Le Poste à GalèneMarseilles, France
09/04/2015Cafe Del TeatreLleida, Spain
09/05/2015Gasteiz Calling VitoriaGasteiz, Spain
09/06/2015Teatre LlosetaMallorca, Spain
09/10/2015SchlachthofWiesbaden, Germany
09/11/2015Bahnhof LangendreerBochum, Germany