The All Brights releasing '...Are Wild For The Night!' on Red Scare

The All Brights are the newest addition to the Red Scare roster. The "yacht punk" band will be releasing their debut EP, …Are Wild For The Night!, on November 6, 2015. You can pre-order it here. The band features Big Wave Dave of The Loved Ones and Shreddin' Sean of Good Riddance playing songs about living the good life in Southern California. We're talking righteous babes, mondo waves and sand in between your toes here, so get with it.

Toby Jeg says:

I spent the last few months in California and I saw a lot of great new bands out there, but my favorite by far was The All Brights. "Big Wave Dave" from the band tried telling me, "We're like Masked Intruder meets, uhhh… the Gimmes? But we're terrible." Whatever, Dave, I think the songs are awesome. Everyone I play this EP for cracks up. It's super fun.

  1. Hell On A Surfboard
  2. Storm The Beach
  3. West Coast Fuck You
  4. Sunscreen Blues
  5. Happy Hours
  6. Wild For The Night