Tsunami Bomb reunites

Tsunami Bomb has reunited. The reunited band will include Oobliette as co-lead vocalist/keyboardist, Brian Plink on guitar/vocals, Dominic Davi on bass/vocals, and Gabe Lindeman on drums. The band recently announced the release of a rarities collection. The record is titled Trust No One and is due out January 29, 2016 on Kung Fu Records

See the band's official statement below.

So, to finally come clean and explain…

Besides being proud to present Trust No One - the rarities collection - something else pretty great has come out of the time the band spent assembling it: we’ve gotten to see each other again after all these years. We hung out looking at old photos, remembering the songs, and having a great time together. We just realized how much we really missed each other, missed our songs, and missed our band too. We had so much fun putting together this compilation that we thought maybe we should take the logical next step and perform some shows in support of the release.

We had hoped that our singer, Emily Whitehurst (aka "Agent M"), would join us as well. While she is behind the release of this collection and understands our desire to reunite the band with the other original members, she must follow her heart, and continue to devote herself to her current project, Survival Guide, which we support wholeheartedly.

After much discussion with many of the various past Tsunami Bomb members, we have finally decided that, with the help of a special guest co-vocalist, Tsunami Bomb will once again perform live with the rest of the original line-up. As it was originally, Oobliette will return as co-lead vocalist/keyboardist, Brian Plink will return to guitar/vocals, Dominic Davi will return on bass/vocals, and Gabe Lindeman will be back on drums.

We understand that some people might have a hard time accepting a Tsunami Bomb reunion without M - and we completely respect that. But if you want to hear some of the classic Tsunami Bomb songs, played by the original members who wrote most of them, we hope that you will show up to see four old friends - with the help of a new one! - try to do those old songs justice.

We are incredibly excited to have an opportunity to be Tsunami Bomb once again, and don’t yet know what the future may bring. We promise to take this seriously and bring back a band that people who have loved Tsunami Bomb since the early days can truly be excited about, as well as one that honors the work of the many amazing musicians who have been a part of Tsunami Bomb since it first began. And don’t forget! If you’re missing Emily, you can pick up Survival Guide’s excellent new album "Way To Go" that is out now. We love it and think you will too.

See you soon!

Tsunami Bomb