The Max Levine Ensemble

The Max Levine Ensemble has announced details of their first LP since 2008. The album is titled Backlash, Baby and will be out November 20, 2015 via Lame O Records and Rumbletowne Records. The band has also released a video for the song "Sun's Early Rays" over at BrooklynVegan. The clip features appearances from Katie Alice Greer (Priests) and Sharad Satsangi (Ilsa).

  1. Backlash, Baby
  2. My Valerian
  3. Sun's Early Rays
  4. Born At The Wrong Time
  5. Panoptic Vision
  6. Big Problems, USA
  7. Sicker
  8. Fall Of The Constellations
  9. Shadow Of Death
  10. American
  11. You Were A Fighter
  12. Going Home Part I
  13. Going Home Part II