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"Fall Apart Records has begun taking pre-orders for "Picking Up The Pieces" Vol.1, which is to be released May 6th, contains rare & unreleased tracks, and includes such bands as: Finch, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, My Chemical Romance, The Beautiful Mistake, The Starting Line, Midtown, Atreyu, Days Away, and others….probably the best comp to be released all year….It appears that Volume 2 is in the works & will be out just in time for Warped Tour 2003 for puchase at the Fall Apart Records merch booth."
The complete tracklisting is below, but just in case you're wondering who actually contributed rare/unreleased tracks, it's Die Radio Die, Northstar, Atreyu, Holdfast, Midtown, and All Autonomy.

[* = rare/unreleased]
1) Die Radio Die "Backslash (You're Dead)"*
2) The Starting Line "A Good Night's Sleep"
3) Brand New "Seventy Times 7"
4) Counterfit "Feel The Ride"
5) Northstar "Rocket City"*
6) My Chemical Romance "Vampires Will Never Hurt You"
7) The Beautiful Mistake "On Building"
8) Keepsake "Violent Love"
9) The Goodwill "Let It Go"
10) Taking Back Sunday "Cute Without the E"
11) Noise Ratchet "Fiction Arms"
12) Finch "Three Simple Words"
13) Thursday "Concealer"
14) Atreyu "Taking Back Every Word That I Said"*
15) Anatomy of a Ghost "On To Morning Stars"
16) Holdfast "On Sleeves of Men"*
17) Days Away "Easier Said Than Done"
18) Midtown "Living In Spite"(acoustic)*
19) All Autonomy "Futility of Permanence"*