Preview of 'Rebel Scum'

Today, Punknew is presenting a clip from Rebel Scum, the DVD which chronicles the trials and tribulations of Knoxville's The Dirty Works.

Not so much a history of the band as a study in self-destructive behavior, the film follows the band as they collapse under the weight of depression and drug usage. Producer Francis Percarpio spoke to Punknews about the film:

"This scene took place after Christopher Scum went off on an alcoholic bender following an altercation with The Dirty Works' drummer (and fellow alpha male) Bernard. Some how he wound up in a dive motel that had, coincidentally, served as our headquarters/crash pad while shooting in Knoxville. We managed to help Christopher vacate the premises mere minutes before the police arrived to arrest him."

The video is out November 24 and you can pre-order here. You can see a clip from the film below, but beware, it is not for the faint-of-heart.

760137785293_REBEL SCUM_Clip from MVD on Vimeo.