Peter Hook sues New Order over unpaid royalties

Peter Hook, formerly of Joy Division and New Order has filed a lawsuit against New Order. Hook alleges that when he left the group in 2007, he owned a 25% interest in Vitalturn Company Ltd, a company the band created after the collapse of Factory Records, which essentially owned New Order. However, Hook alleges that the remaining members of the band transferred the New Order assets to a new company called New Order Limited, which only paid a five percent royalty to Vitalturn. Thus, Hook alleges that where he is supposed to receive a 25 percent stake in the band, he now only receives a 1.25 percent stake.

New Order denied Hook's allegations. You can see the band's statement below. Hook recently released three live albums. Punknews spoke to Hook last year.

"The reports so far take a number of things out of context. Peter still, for instance, receives his full share of all back catalogue royalties. This dispute relates only to the share of income he takes from our work without him since 2011," New Order clarified of the lawsuit. "Not much more we can say as nothing has been decided by the Court on the facts other than he has a right to proceed with the claim, so this matter is still in play."