Amebix, who broke up in 2012, will be re-releasing their second album, 1987's Monolith. The re-release will have a new cover, feature remastered recordings, and have bonus demo tracks, as well as a bonus live concert. The release will be out soon via the band's own Amebix Records, distributed via Easy Action Records. The band reissued their first LP Arise! in 2014. See the new track listing for Monolith below.

Disc One: - Original Album Remastered
1. Monolith
2. Nobody’s Driving
3. The Power Remains
4. Time Bomb
5. Last Will & Testament
6. I.C.B.M
7. Chain Reaction
8. Fallen From Grace
9. Coming Home
10. The Power Remains Demo Bonus
11. Last will & Testament Demo Bonus
12. I.C.B.M Demo Bonus
13. Chain Reaction Demo Bonus

Disc Two:
Birmingham Mermaid 12th September 1987
1. Monolith –Nobody’s driving
2. Axeman
3. Fallen from grace
4. Time bomb
5. The power remains
6. Arise!
7. Drink & be Merry
9. Chain reaction
10. Coming Home
11. Nobody’s driving- Live Bath
12. Fallen From grace –Live Bath
13. Arise –Live Bath
14. Drink & Be Merry – Live Bath