by Go Kart tells us about the Go-Kart Across America show. which, for some reason has neglected Canada. Nevertheless, there are some great cool bands on the bill, like Down By Law, the "legendary" Buzzcocks, and more. Click below for the whole press release.

Go-Kart Across America Tour

Are you ready for the punk rock event of the fall, if not the year? You can forget about yer Warp Tour and Social Chaos debutante parties. Starting this October, get ready for the Go Kart Across America Tour!!! Imagine seeing your favorit Go-Kart bands such as the legendary Buzzcocks, the always-ready-to-rock-your- orld Lunachicks, the dig-the-new-punk-breed sounds of Down By Law and a revolving opening band each night including such luminaries as The Candy Snatchers, Plan A Project, The Pinkerton Thugs, The Parasites and Boris the Sprinkler - just to name a few!!! Well kids, you don't have to imagine anymore. It's actually gonna happen!

Besides having your mind completely blown by all these amazing bands, there will be tons of wicked cool giveaways at each show from Hot Topic, Alternative Press,, and Porn Star!!!

For updates, and all the tour info, go here