by Streams

Today, Punknews is thrilled to debut the new split EP with Rats in the Wall and Heartless Folk, titled Skeletal Twins!

Rats in Wall, which features Brad Logan of Leftover Crack and Eva Hall of Gather, make their trade in aggressive, dark hardcore. Their half of the split finds the band focusing their sound into a massive, hard smashing while Hall spits out lyrics dwelling on feminist issues and the destruction of the human race.

Meanwhile, up-and-comers Heartless Folk span the punk map, drawing influence from street punk, anarcho punk, and traditional hardcore. While their split companions focus on macro-issues, Heartless Folk address similar topics on the personal scale. Together, the pair compliment and contrast each other sonically and conceptually.

The release is out now via Logan's Blacknoise records. You can buy it here. Meanwhile, you can stream the entire thing on their Profile