Anchorless Records signs Your Loss

Anchorless Records have announced they have signed Fort Collins, Colorado's Your Loss. Your Loss features members of Chumped and Elway. The record label will be releasing their debut release titled Midlife Crisis Tropical Vacation and it will be available digitally on May 6th. You can read below for a statement from the band.

"Terrible songs about terrible people by terrible people for terrible people. Your Loss was formed in 2015 at the corner of No Care and No Talent Streets in Fort Collins, Colorado. Tim and Brian play in Elway, and Drew played in Chumped, which only bears mentioning because now more people will listen to the album. Miles hasn’t been in any bands you care about, which makes him the only punk guy in the band. Our only hope is that we’ll be one of those bands that everyone says is cool to listen to, but nobody really listens to. Y’know, like Chumped. If we are permitted one auxiliary hope though, it’s to use our moderate ability to play songs to get free drinks. Y’know, like Elway. We have no plans of ever touring anywhere near you. BYE."