The second round of bands were recently announced for the Ottawa Explosion Weekend. The annual event, which will take place in Canada's capital city on from June 15th through the 19th, will feature Crusades, Bad Sports, Radioactivity, Sonic Avenues, Tough Age, Night Birds, Worriers, TV Freaks, Cassie Ramone, Soupcans, the Screaming Females and many others. You can find the full list of bands below. Passes for the event are available now and a free downloadable sampler is also online.

Bad Sports (Denton, TX)
Big Eyes (Brooklyn, NY)
Bonnie Doon (Ottawa, ON)
Cassie Ramone (Brooklyn, NY)
Coccinella (Ottawa, ON)
Creep Wave (Ottawa, ON)
Criminal Code (Tacoma, WA)
Crusades (Ottawa, ON)
Dad Jokes (Auckland, NZ)
Everett (Ottawa, ON)
Faux Cults (Peterborough, ON)
Heaven for Real (Halifax, NS)
Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band (Minneapolis, MN)
Nice Try (Bloomington, IN)
Peek Freens (Toronto, ON)
Plasmalab (Toronto, ON)
Pretty Pretty (Columbus, OH)
Quaker Parents (Halifax, NS)
Radioactivity (Denton, TX)
Sedatives (Ottawa, ON)
Sonic Avenues (Montreal, QC)
The Lonely Parade (Peterborough, ON)
Tough Age (Toronto/Vancouver)
Towanda (Montreal, QC)
Triage (Toronto, ON)
TV Freaks (Hamilton, ON)
Urochromes (Western M)
Ursula (Montreal, QC)
BB Cream (Ottawa, ON)
Black Tower (Ottawa, ON)
Century Palm (Toronto, ON)
Colleen Green (los Angeles, CA)
Laika’s Orbit (New England)
Mike Krol (los Angeles, CA)
Nervosas (Columbus, OH)
New Fries (Toronto, ON)
Night Birds (NYC/NJ)
old & Weird (Halifax, NS)
Phèdre (Toronto, ON)
Pith & the Parenchymas (Ottawa, ON)
Screaming Females (new Brunswick, NJ)
Shellshag (Brooklyn, NY)
Sneaks (Washington, DC)
Soupcans (Toronto, ON)
Steve Adamyk Band (Ottawa, ON)
Strange Attractor (Sudbury, ON)
The Creeps (Ottawa, ON)
The Drearies (Vancouver, BC)
Vacation (Cincinnati, OH)
Wet Brain (Baltimore, MD)
Whoop-szo (London, ON)
Worriers (Brooklyn, NY)