Keith Morris

In a interview with Keith Morris, the article mentioned some details about his upcoming autobiography (co-authored by Jim Ruland). The title of it is called My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor and it will be out on August 30, 2016 via Da Capo.

You can read the full article here and you read the passage that talks about the book below.

Morris' own memoir is called My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor, and is set for release from Da Capo on Aug. 30. The book is co-authored by Southern California writer Jim Ruland, a longtime contributor to Razorcake, as well as the now-defunct and revered LA punk 'zine Flipside. The book's title refers not only to Black Flag's music, but to the toll Morris' career has taken on him, as throughout our conversation he references a number of medical conditions including diabetes, and problems with his lumbar spine and respiratory system. "I have emphysema," he says. "I already smoked all the weed I'm destined to smoke."