Actions taken by WEA could be bad news for small record stores

For the first time, WEA, the marketing and distribution division of Warner Music Group, has enacted a contractual stipulation regarding minimal record sales, effectively terminating their contract with approximately 100 record stores that did not meet their yearly minimum of $10,000 in catalog orders placed with WEA directly. According to an article published by Pitchfork, "A WEA source clarified that the accounts did not all sell vinyl and that more than one-third of the shuttered accounts hadn’t ordered vinyl in more than a year. The source said the retailers affected included not just record stores but also museum gift shops." Click 'Read More' to read WEA's official statement regarding the termination of wholesale contracts, and here for the original article outlining why this move could be harmful to small music businesses. Tell us what you think in the comments.

“WEA proudly supports hundreds of independent vinyl retailers across the country with direct distribution, and many more through other channels. Last week, in accordance with our long-time policy, we recommended that a limited number of retailers would be better served by working with one of the many vinyl wholesale partners that carry all of our artists’ releases.”

-Warner Music Group