The Mr. T Experience
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The Mr. T Experience announced their first studio album in twelve years. It will be called King Dork Approximately: The Album. The album acts as a companion to singer's Dr. frank similarly named novel. The album will be available via download upon purchase of the paperback version of Dr. Frank's book. Portman stated “For free with the book, which is a pretty good deal if you're into the music ($9.99 is the list price) even if you already have the hardcover. There's an appendix in the new edition with the lyrics of the album and the cover matches the album artwork; they are meant to complement each other. Think of the book as the equivalent of the record jacket of old, with the record itself being non-physical, plus there's a free novel crammed in there as well.” Ted Angel plays guitar on the new album and Bobby J plays bass. Ex-Groovie Ghoulies member Jaz Brown handles drums.