by Asian Man

Here's a bunch of good reasons to spend your cash you earn mowing lawns and babysitting. This is Asian Man Records' summer/fall '03 release schedule.
° V/A "UNDERGROUND SCREAMS!" CD (AM-093) $4 AVAILABLE FOR MAILORDER NOW! ° DUVALL "Racine" CDEP & 7INCH (AM-101) A limited edition 3 song EP featuring members of the Smoking Popes, out JUNE 10, 2003 AVAILABLE FOR MAILORDER NOW! ° ANGELO MOORE DR. Madd Vibe JAH JAH comic book & CD ° NICOTINE "School of Liberty" CD (AM-105) Full length out JULY 7, 2003 ° POLYSICS "NEU" CD (AM-102) new full length out JULY 21, 2003 ° THE RUDIMENTS "Bitch Bitch Bitch" CD (AM-103) A reissue of this rare CD out AUG 4, 2003 ° THE RUDIMENTS "Circle Our Empire" CD (AM-104) A collection of hard to find songs out AUG 4, 2003 ° MIKE PARK "For the Love of Music" CD (AM-106) Solo acoustic album SEPT 8, 2003 ° V/A "Version City Sessions" CD (AM-107) Ska Reggae & Rocksteady comp recorded by the legendary King Django SEPT 8, 2003 ° BAGHEERA (AM-108) NOV, 2003 ° TOYS THAT KILL (AM-109) NEW EP NOV/DEC, 2003