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"Our online store has been down for about two weeks, but all the bugs are fixed and it is up and running once again. Expect a new look to form over the summer, but in the meantime, the site is still a cool place to find out what is going on in Chicago's Music scene. There's a growing mp3 database, interviews collection, shows page and of course the online store with chicago bands and labels and currently over 600 items and growing. If you have any interviews you did with any bands or labels from chicago, send them to or if you play in a chicago band and want us to put your mp3 up on our mp3 site, e-mail the link to where the mp3 is currently at online and we'll get it up there.

We are also now accepting preorders for:
--Hewhocorrupts / Fordirelifesake "Split" 7"
--Hewhocorrupts "Master of Profits" 7"
--Hewhocorrupts "Ten Steps To Success" LP (vinyl only right now)
--The Honor System "Rise and Run' CD (Though you should really go to Grey Flight for that)

On top of the site, we are putting the finishing touches on the new Red Line Distribution CD Sampler. This is volume three and will represent a huge variety of music in Chicago's independent scene. Off the top of my head there will be new tracks from The honor System, Prosperity Wallet, The Moment, Dakota/Dakota, Lying In States, Littleman Complex, The nobs (ex-Oblivion), L'Spaerow, Hewhocorrupts and a ton more. 25 tracks in all. Keep your eyes on the website for info on getting one of the 10,000 copies."