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"Dr. Strange Records is re-releasing a classic from Washington D.C.'s finest; Government Issue. For those of you with your head in the ground, Government Issue played right along side the other early 80's straight edge and hardcore greats such as: Minor Threat, SOA, Bad Brains, Teen Idles, Dag Nasty and just about everybody on Dischord Records. This version of "Strange Wine", unlike the original release from '87, features the entire CBGBs show plus three bonus studio tracks and a bunch of unreleased songs. To top that off it was re-mastered by Mr. Tom Lyle himself! Great new artwork, liner notes and photos as always. Check out these MP3s to get a taste of some classic HC - Understand, Strange Wine."
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1 Say Something
2 Visions And?
3 They Know
4 Caring Line
5 Jaded Eyes
6 Blending In
7 Understand
8 Young Love
9 Fun and Games
10 Written Word
11 Mad at Myself
12 Beyond
13 Hole in the Scene
14 It Begins Now
15 Wishing
16 Puppet On a String
17 On the Screen
18 Vanity Fare
19 Everybody's Victim
20 4 Walled Hermit
21 Familiar
22 Time to Escape
23 Hall of Fame
24 World, You and I
25 Trapped
Studio songs:
26 Strange Wine
27 Im James Dean
28 Teenager in a Box