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Brand New have stated that for their fall tour, they will be playing The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me in full to celebrate the album's tenth anniversary. The band also stated that they intended to release an album thios year, but were delayed, and are planning on releasing a new LP in 2017. See the band's statement below.

Brand New Statement

"“To whom it may concern, First, an apology. At some point previous, we, Brand New, admitted our plans to release a record this year. These plans were authentic, but we are changing them. While there exists a collection of songs that, right now, some would call fit to be an album, to us it is not complete enough, refined enough, or edited thoroughly enough to be something we would call finished or essential. Brand New will not release a record in 2016. Secondly, we have been reminded that this fall will mark the tenth year since the release of our third album, The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. It is an important record and piece of work to us, and one that ten years later we still use as a measuring post with which we compare the music we make now. So we have decided that on the upcoming fall tour, which begins on October 13, we will be performing the record, each night, in its entirety. It will be included within a larger set of songs, and will not exclude us playing music from other albums, or new music, nightly. What’s left should be a strange demise, but hopefully one as loud and as fun as the rest of our time together has been. All are invited. Please send flowers. Sincerely, Brand New” "