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"The Moment's debut EP "This Is The Moment" is currently avaialable. The Moment features Zach Newman from Gods Reflex along with a few other Rockford natives including members of the imfamous Uniform Pants (who happen to be back together. The CD is available at, or at The band will be playing shows in the midwest all summer and are going to be demoing tracks for their debut album next month after Zach's wedding (congratulations Zach). The band picks up where Gods Reflex left off and incorporates more angular guitar hooks and subtle background electronics. Click here to hear the track "Let's Blame Our Honesty On Alcohol"

Next up in July is the debut album from Chicago's Dakota/Dakota. Dakota/Dakota are a 3-piece instrumental band that have drawn comparisons to Pele, Sweep The Leg johnny and Dream Theatre. You can listen to the tracks Indian Givers, Cowboy Takers and Hamburger Help Us online at the Arms Reach Recordings. Hamburger Help Us will also appear as a 7" single with two unreleased tracks on Fudge Sickill Records."