Heartless Folk
by Tours

Heartless Folk have announced that they are heading to Japan to play some shows in November. The band released the Skeletal Twins split EP with Rats in the Wall in 2016 via Blacknoise Records.

Oct.29OkinawaSouth Island Punks Picnic
Nov. 2TokyoNimandenatsu, Higashi Koenji with BULL, HOW, Namaste, more bands TBA
Nov. 3TokyoMOONSTEP, Nakano with Gaijin Smash, SEIN, ZARIGANI$, Wmtb, Shuhari, more bands TBA
Nov. 4KanagawaPOWERS 2, Motosumiyoshiwith THE FANGS, TRES, more bands TBA
Nov. 5KanagawaEl Puente, Nishi Yokohama with Anal Volcano, CAL, more bands TBA
Nov. 6TokyoWALL, Hatsudai with FLIPOUT A.A, CRISPY NUTS, more bands TBA