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The Flaming Lips recently announced the release of a new album called Oczy Mlody. That's out January 17. They have just released the first video, "The Castle." See the video and tour dates below.

1/21London, England
1/22Manchester, England
1/24Berlin, Germany
1/25Copenhagen, Denmark
1/26Stockholm, Sweden
1/28Utrecht, Holland
1/30Milan, Italy
1/31Zurich, Switzerland
2/2Paris, France
2/3Antwerp, Belgium
3/3Boston, Mass.
3/4Philadelphia, Pa.
3/5 and 3/6Washington, D.C.
3/8New Haven, Ct.
3/9New York, N.Y.
3/13Toronto, Ontario
3/14Detroit, Mich.
3/29Nashville, Tenn.
3/30Charlotte, N.C.
3/31Raleigh, N.C.
4/2Atlanta, Ga.
4/3Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
4/4St. Petersburg, Fla