The Mr. T Experience

Today, Punknews is thrilled to debut the new rarities collection by pop-punk titans The Mr. T Experience!

Shards Volume 1 is the first half of a series that will catalogue and make available MTX rarities from '87-'99. Speaking to Punknews, frontman Dr. Frank said:

"In the wake of Lookout's exit, when we re-organized the digital back catalog, we decided to restore the original vinyl track listing and sequences of the albums, eps, and singles. While many of the CD extras had been b-sides that had been included on their respective singles in the re-organization, this left out a great many previously released songs (thirty-two, to be exact.) Some of these were quite "important" ones too, like "King Dork", "We Are the Future People of Tomorrow", "Unpack Your Adjectives," as well as a lot of fun covers and such. The plan was always to compile these into an Odds 'n' Sods / Relics type album, but what with one thing and another, that plan hasn't happened till now.

I've tried to arrange the tracks as albums, eight songs to a "side" in the traditional manner, rather than chronological archives. They are from various sources, (covers comps, out-takes, demos, one live on the radio song) spanning 1987 thru 1999. The criterion for inclusion when it comes to the out takes and demos is simply whether they have already appeared (and subsequently disappeared from) somewhere. "

MTX recently released King Dork Approximately: The Album , the album accompaniment to Dr. Franks' new book. Shards Volume One is included in a package along with limited prints of classic MTX t-shirts.Order the comp and t-shirt right here!. You can also order Shards by itself, right here!. Meanwhile, check out the comp below, right now!