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with this info taken from here:
"The new Pennywise album is likely to be titled "From The Ashes." The album is scheduled to come out on September 9th. No word on who's playing the gongs on this album."
Click READ MORE for the tracklisting. The webpage also states the following:
"The new CD will either contain a DVD or enhanced CD-ROM with scenes from recording the album, a live song from our show at the Long Beach Arena last year, interviews with the band, and also a trailer for the "Home Movies, Part Two" DVD which will be coming out soon with all kinds of video footage from the last decade of Pennywise life. We also have so many leftover songs, out-takes, old songs, covers and B-sides, we plan to put out another album as soon as we get off the road from touring."

1.Now I Know
2.Something to Change
4.Falling Dow
5.Punch Drunk
6.Look Who You Are
7.God Save the USA
8.Holiday in the Sun
10.Emergency Broadcast System
11.Change My Mind
12.Rise Up
14.Judgment Day