Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Tours

"Word out of Boston is that local punk legends Darkbuster will be reuniting for at least two performances this summer. Although the second show has yet to be announced, one will be at Axis in Boston on July 12th. Is the reunion permanent? Word is that the band members are taking things slow to begin with. If the first couple of shows go well, they'll book more. If not, they won't. Also be on the lookout for a reissue of the band's classic debut album "22 Songs That You'll Never Want to Hear Again" (which is reportedly commanding top dollar on eBay these days) to coincide with the reunion dates, with a rarities collection also being discussed for future release. And, no, the reunion shows won't be affecting the various Darkbuster spinoff bands, which include Avoid One Thing, Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys, and Sam Adams whipping boys The USM, all of whom appear on a CD compilation included with the new issue of Fat City magazine (along with the Darkbuster rarity "NRA") and all of whom reportedly have recording plans this summer."