Child of rich parents burns $6 million in punk artifacts

In response to punk's 40th anniversary and England creating a government sponsored history of punk exhibit, Joe Corre, son of Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, set six million dollars worth of punk memorabilia on fire near Buckingham palace. Items burned include rare Sex Pistols acetates, the Sid Vicious doll used on the front of the Some Product interview album, clothes worn by the band during their original run, and dozens of other items. Days earlier, Corre put an acetate of "Anarchy in the UK" on eBay with a reserve on one million pounds, stating that if the item sold, he would donate the money to charity. When the bidding stalled at 62,000 pounds, Corre decided to not sell the acetate for that amount (and thereby not to accept the 62,000 pounds for charity) and then immediately lit it on fire. The whole… "event"… will be part of a documentary that Corre will release which followed the 40 days up to the burning.