Blonde Summer: "Sha la la" (Punknews Exclusive)

Today, Punknews is pleased to debut the song by Blonde Summer.

If you like weed-ed out garage rock, you will dig this. Inspired by bands like Wavves, King Tuff, and Jacuzzi Boys, Blonde Summer revel in gritty, lo-fi jams.

Frontman Chris Pope spoke to Punknews about the track, " "Sha La La is about two people having fun together doing things. I wrote the song on a yellow Yamaha acoustic guitar with really old strings that were super rusty and left rusty marks on my finger tips, for a few minutes. The song basically repeats four chords the entire time. I recorded all the musical parts at home and there was a fly buzzing around me and it was super annoying. It landed on the wall and while I was singing I just said “Don’t be a fly on the wall”. So thank you fly again for that line, and I hope your're off buzzing around somewhere inspiring someone or something. I don’t think flies live that long so rest in peace pal, and maybe your offspring will be inspired by your accomplishments and continue to do something similar but hopefully uniquely their own. I brought a hard drive that contained the song to The Ship studio to be mixed and transformed into a cool tune, and it was. When I sing the song its kind of a time travel tool, and I fall back into the 1950s and strut around like Danny Zuko from Grease, and be a cool rebel kind of guy."

The band's new album is out today via Dangerbird records. Check out the song below, right now!