As reported by the LA Times, Fletcher Dragge of Pennywise is not your best choice for a car jacking. A suspect was on the run from the police in a slow speed chase through Redondo beach yesterday morning. At that same time, Dragge was driving down the street in his Ford F-250. Once Dragge saw the flashing lights of the police vehicles, he tried to pull his truck over, but got caught on the median. At that same time, the suspect realized he had a flat tire and, according to Dragge, stopped his vehicle. The suspect then reached to open his door in order to run over to Dragge's truck. The suspect then seemed to look Dragge in eyes and then changed his mind. Dragge stated, "he changed his mind when we made eye contact." The suspect then continued to speed away in his own damaged vehicle and was eventually apprehended. You might say, "pics or it didn't happen." No problem. See the video of the whole ordeal below via ABC. You can also read an interview with Dragge about the ordeal at Easy Reader News.