Punknews to Release World's First Cassette-Only Podcast!

In an effort to reach a maximum audience through superior convenience and sound quality, Punknews will be releasing the world's first cassette-only podcast. The cassette will feature an exclusive 120 minute podcast program starring Punknews icons Adam White, John Gentile, Ricky Frankel, Tom Trauma, Sam Barrett, Greg Simpson, and more! This tape will be a limited release and never released digitally. You can pre-order it right here! Check out the track listing below!

Side A
[Technical difficulties]
Podcast members debate asinine, mundane detail
John rants that most modern bands aren't "punk enough" for him
[Technical difficulties]
Ricky Gets indignant
Podcast members admit that none of them listened to the song of the week
Adam White re-affirms his oath to nihilism all while working a tech job

Side B
[Technical difficulties]
Tom Trauma states something deliberately non-PC in an attempt to stir the pot
[Technical difficulties]
[More Technical difficulties]
John rants about 40 year old band no one cares about
Sam Barrett giggles
Adam White talks at length about some obscure Canadian band
[Technical difficulties]