The Riptides

The Riptides have announced their first full-length in eight years titled Canadian Graffiti. It is due out on September 12, 2017 via Something To Do Records. You can see the album art and track list below.

Track List:

1. Shit Sandwich

2. Couldn’t Care Less

3. Totally Wasted

4. Goodbye Hawaii

5. Wimpy Goes to Washington

6. Fast Girls

7. Get Out of My Dreams, Get into My Tardis

8. Homing Missile

9. Happy Ever After

10. Someone Just Like You

11. Eyes Wide Shut

12. Spies Like Us

13. Beam Me Up

14. I Don’t Wanna Go to Work

15. Motormouth

16. Manchurian Candidate

17. Babybottle

18. Waterloo