Lars Frederiksen and a spokesperson for Rancid have discussed the details of their label situation with Billboard. The upcoming album will not carry any mention of the Warner Bros name, the spokesperson stated "It's a unique deal that doesn't play by the traditional record biz rules… It's Rancid putting out an album on Hellcat, with the possibility of additional support from [Warner Bros.]."

Epitaph will keep the rights to Rancid's catalog and the Hellcat label is unchanged by this deal. Epitaph will also release the LP version of "Indestructible." Lars commented to Billboard: "We have absolutely no complaints with Hellcat. Yes, we are considering additional support that Warner Bros. might be able to provide, but whatever happens, we're sticking with Brett Gurewitz. All I care about and all I have is my music, my bandmates and my band. We are going to do whatever we need to do to survive." The cover art can be found on Rancid's website. Click below for the tracklist.

"Fall Back Down"
"Red Hot Moon"
"David Courtney"
"Start Now"
"Out of Control"
"Arrested in Shanghai"
"Travis Bickle"
"Spirit of '87"
"Ghost Band"
"Tropical London"
"Born Frustrated"
"Back Up Against the Wall"
"Ivory Coast"
"Stand Your Ground"