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"Brandon Cruz has officially quit as singer of Dead Kennedys. No details on the circmstances, but Cruz is still recovering from the seperated shoulder he got in England, and doing local gigs with his band, Dr. Know. After Cruz was unable to go to Norway for 4 gigs, the band got yet another singer, "Jeff", to go on the short trip with them. Cruz sang for the band for almost two years, touring Soth America, Europe, Asia, and the states. Russia and Japan, along with Brazil, Argentina, and Chile all got their first ever live shows of Dead Kennedys while Cruz was with them. There was a lot of controversy when Cruz first started with the band. Jello Biafra fans were not too pleased that the band would do anything without him. After most gigs, the most vocal opponents where usually the ones on stage, singing along. No official word from either Cruz or the band has been issued, but the reasons Cruz is leaving may add yet another chapter to unhappy ex front men for Dead Kennedys. I hope Cruz only does Dr. Know and let's Dead Kennedys self destruct. Or has that already happened?"

I know it's schadenfreude to say this, but this is good news and I hope the Faux Kennedys self destruct, both figuratively and literally.

It should be emphasized that this hasn't be confirmed by the Kennedys nor by Cruz, so in spite of the submitters definitive stance, take it with a grain of salt.