Joshua Barnhart: "Dance with Me" (Punknews Exclusive)

Today, Punknews is pleased to debut the new single by Joshua Barnhart.

"Dance with Me" feels like dropping acid in a poppy field. He takes the warm, fuzzed out sound of the mid 60s garage rockers, adds just a bit of Their Satanic Majesties Request menace, and artfully polishes the twist off with a tinge of Beach Boys melody.

Speaking to Punknews, Barnhart said, "I showed this song to my friend, Katelyn, and she came up with 'Apropos for the current political and ecological climate.' 'Dance with Me' is the relinquishing of the logical in favor of the physical, as a response to the impending end of the world.' I suppose that's about right. I wrote the song as an attempt at being honest, both with myself and with others - about things like unhappiness, trying to navigate the underlying existential fear/threat of global climate change, the rising tide of bigotry and hatred, this nightmare of a presidency. In a way it's a personal song, about my own internal struggle at times (depression, anxiety), but then the lens shifts to try to encompass a sense of societal dread and how to try to deal with it. No easy task, but you can't fully confront the dismal realities at every moment, and sometimes it's necessary to try to have a good time even though everything seems so terrible."

Check out the tune below!