Small Leaks Sink Ships: "Dear John Connor" (Punknews Exclusive)

Today, Punknews is pleased to debut the new track by Small Leaks Sink Ships… and it's Terminator themed!

"Dear John Connor" starts out with some fuzzed out reverb before it suddenly jolts into a crashing march. The band pulls from the dark haze of The Flaming Lips and from the cold viciousness of Unsane resulting in a wonderful spiral of a track.

Speaking to Punknews, vocalist Judd Hancock said, "Dear John Connor meaning Dear John Connor is about mankind’s integration with technology and how it seems to have made us more disconnected from each other than ever. The song tends to go back and forth between the personal struggle of how we fit into society, what it means to be human and the questioning of reality altogether. We named the song, Dear John Connor because it felt suiting for the title to pose as a letter to a boy in a fictional world, who’s only real friend is a machine."

The band's new album, Golden Calf is out October 13 you can pre-order it here!. Meanwhile, click "read more" if you want to live.