Navel Gazing October 8, 2017

Hello everyone and welcome to Navel Gazing: your look back in the week in Punknews. I'm Ricky Frankel and I'll be your guide through some of the juiciest, most popular and otherwise noteworthy stories from the last seven days. Remember, every Punknews story and review is built from tips from our wonderful, good-looking readers, so get to submitting a story, feel free to submit a review or if you are a photographer continue reading below. Here's what got the strange, slow and old community talking this week: Photo Credit: Tramp_Life

  • Unfortunately, Tom Petty passed away.
  • Photographer Stephen McGill took some pictures at Quicksand's recent show.
  • The Flatliners launched their own podcast.
  • The co-founder of the Fyre Festival plead not guilty to fraud.
  • Quicksand released a new song.
  • Long Beach Dub Allstars reunited and released a song.
  • The 2018 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nominees were announced.
  • Zex announced their plans to sue Magic Bullet Records.
  • Check out the first and second entries of Seth Anderson's tour diary.
  • Mixtapes are getting back together for one show.
  • Check out the third entry of Seth Anderson's tour diary.
  • Photographer Stephen McGill took some pictures at together PANGEA's recent show.
  • And so ends another wonderful week for the Punknews community. Tonight let’s just kick back, maybe break out the drinks, gather around the digital bonfire and talk. Maybe you saw (or will see) an awesome show, found a great new band, or chat about anything else you would like. We leave it to you, the always respectful and courteous readers and commenters. See you way too bright and early on Monday morning.

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