Barney's Selling $1,000 jacket with Sham 69 patch

High end fashion retailer Barney's is selling a $1,085 "punk" jacket with hand painted designs. Interestingly, the jacket appears to have either a Sham 69 patch, or has the Sham 69 logo painted on the jacket itself. The jacket is described as "Constructed of black cotton-blend canvas, Resurrect by Night x Alpha Industries XO Barneys New York's M-65 field jacket is finished with paint-splatter details, a skull and "Leave The Past Behind" lettering at the back, and "Rebel" lettering at the sleeve. First issued to the U.S. Armed Services in 1965, this classic Alpha Industries silhouette is customized with signature hand-painted graphics by Bronx-born artist and Resurrect by Night founder Daren Chambers."

It's important to note that even though the jacket does boast the Sham 69 logo, that doesn't mean that Sham 69 is involved in this item. A few years ago, Against Me! found their name on high end clothing without authorization and had the item removed from the retailers store. Sizes L, XL, and XXL of the jacket are already sold out. Check it out here. However, if the grand price tag is too high for you, you can also purchase an economical "punk" jacket for the low price of $375.. Unlike the $1,085 jacket, however, the $375 jacket is not hand painted and does not have any patches, but rather, just has some magic marker scribbling on it.