Today, Punknews is pleased to debut the new track by Cheap Tissue.

Inspired by the earliest waves of US punk, Cheap Tissue take the ragged edge of the Dead Boys, the hard driving attack of Sonny Vincent, and the crazed-eye caginess of the Weirdoes. This is a tune that hits all the high points of those early singles without falling prey to repetition. This is CBGB style punk in its purest form.

Speaking to Punknews, the band's Andrew Taylor said, "Bag and number is about some of the people we've seen in and around the social aspect of the Los Angeles music scene and some of the behaviors we’ve seen displayed. Many of our tunes have a touch of social commentary here and there, but we usually just like to piss it and have a good time. The bag of drugs and list of phone numbers is all some people have — no real friendships, artistic pursuits or endeavors whatsoever. They’re just leeches at the bar. The kind of people that are just looking for the next party or looking to climb some social ladder that we could give a shit less about.“

The track is off the band's self-titled debut. Check it out below, right now!