In either an act of performance art or the quest for the ultimate sell out, Mean Jeans have been recording jingles for products without first having the product in question pay for said jingle. Mountain Dew and Coors have each already gotten Mean Jeans penned tunes. The MJs recently recorded a jingle for Totino's pizza, but the brand failed to respond to the band's advances. Due to the spurn, Mean Jeans have decided to play hardball and have reworked their Totino's jingle into a jingle for Totino's competitor, Digiorno's brand pizza. Check that out below. Our advice to companies: If Mean Jeans writes you a song, embrace it- you don't want them giving that power to people who are trying to steal your market share.

Update 3:52 pm est

Via Twitter, Totino's and Digiorno are now fighting over the jingle.Mean jeans tweeted: "OK, so no love from @totinos, maybe @DiGiornoPizza wants our new remix? #jeansjingles." Pete Zaroll, who handles Totino's social media, responded with "What? We love you and the song!" Playing tough, mean Jeans countered with a hard bargain: "Thanks guys, but which song will we be performing on our upcoming tour? "Give Me @totinos" or "Give Me @DiGiornoPizza" YOU DECIDE! (pls send frozen pizza + dry ice)" Digiorno then entered the fray: "They ignored you for two weeks and loved the remix. Easy decision here" We'll keep you updated.