Jon Creeden And The Flying Hellfish

On Monday Ottawa's Jon Creeden And The Flying Hellfish released their new full-length titled Stall as a pay-what-you-want download at Bandcamp. The release marks Creeden's first record backed by a full band after a number of years going the punk troubadour route, and it finds him playing in that gruff melodic vein that would fit right in with the Fest crowd (and indeed he played the annual festival with the Flying Hellfish last October). Jon's band this time out features drummer Jason Adair, guitarist Steve McCrimmon, and bassist Ryan Cox. Ryan also recorded and mixed the record, which was mastered by Dave Williams (Crusades). The band co-produced the album with Brutal Youth's Patty O'Lantern.

The album is a co-release between Map and Continents Records, Dead Broke Records, and My Fingers! My Brain! Records. The band's put up a pre-order crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo to fund the vinyl.

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