Todd Congelliere has announced that he's going to release a new Clown Sounds album. It's called Preacher Maker and is in the final recording stages now. The release will be out via Congelliere's own Recess Records. Congelliere is doing a unique bit of fundraising wherein if you give him $10, you will be listed as an "executive producer" on the jacket of the first press of the record. Congelliere stated, "I’m doing this cos of No Idea Records ripping me off. They’re pretty much the Bernie Madoffs of punk. I know a lot of bands and labels that have worked with them and not one of them got away fairly. Their accounting spreadsheets can be a NY Times fiction best seller. I mean, the stuff they think they could get away with is laughable. I actually have emails telling me they don’t have enough to pay me and then a month later they go on an expensive European vacation. Fucking horrible." You can hear early versions of three new tracks below.