Triple Sundae: "Indecisive"
by Streams

Punknews is excited to debut the new single from UK punk quartet Triple Sundae. "Indecisive" is the first track released off of their upcoming EP, Peace of Mind. It starts out fast and pounding, and switches gears at unexpected times and in unexpected ways, transitioning back and forth from melodic punk to light pop and back again on a whim.

Hassan Afaneh, guitarist and lead vocalist, has this to say about the new track:

"Indecisive" is a song about how British weather is one confusing, inconsistent motherfucker and how it symbolises my way of dealing with situations when under pressure. The title speaks for itself really! Enjoy!

The upcoming EP will be the band's first new album (not accounting for a few single tracks here and there) since 2015's Flaked Out EP. Peace of Mind was recorded at The Ranch in Southampton, UK by Neil Kennedy, and is due out April 2nd via Umlaut Records.