by Crosscheck

"Five years after leaving Dropkick Murphys to pursue life as a Boston firefighter, original Dropkick Murphys singer Mike McColgan is back with his new band the Street Dogs. The new project is described as a combination of blistering rock songs and melodic, infectious punk rock. The sound is a departure from his previous gig (no bagpipes or tin whistles), but hardcore McColgan fans can't ignore the power, melody, and gut- wrenching honesty that defines Street Dogs."
Fat City did an amazing interview with Mike a little while back, and it's definitely made me look forward to this one a little more. .

Click below for more press release-stylin' details and tour dates.

Street Dogs are a 4-piece rock/punk rock band from Boston, MA with a mutual love and respect for real music. Formed in 2002, the bands goal was to take punk and rock influences they had grown up with, mix melody, power, and a real, honest portrayal of the world and put it on record to take to the masses. The result is explosive and infectious. Their debut album, Savin Hill, has 15 powerful, jump-out-of your-seat, sing-along anthems, clocking in at just over 40 minutes. Dig a little deeper into Street Dogs, and youll find 4 guys tired of the cookie cutter, bubble gum, TRL, excuse for punk rock. Street Dogs are proof-positive that it is still possible to have catchy, angst-driven songs set to a real life lyrical backdrop. Street Dogs also have an interesting story and impressive pedigree, proving that lightning can strike twice.

In early 2002, guitarist and songwriter, Rob Guidotti called his friend, veteran Boston drummer Jeff Erna, to play on some songs he had been working on. Getting together in the basement of Jeffs house in Quincy MA, Robs songs quickly took shape into something great. The two put their heads together for an ideal candidate for the lead vocalist spot and came up with Mike McColgan, a long-time friend and Jeffs former bandmate in Dropkick Murphys. Mike had been out of the music scene for a while and had felt a void that only recording great records and playing in front of enthusiastic kids could fill. Rob and Jeff knew they found the man for the job.

The band then recruited well-known Boston punk bassist Johnny Rioux and the lineup was finally complete. Johnny had played bass with The Bruisers (the current DKM singers' previous band) and most recently Epitaph/Hellcat band Roger Miret and The Disasters.

In 1999, Mike McColgan shocked the musical community by leaving the groundbreaking and successful Dropkick Murphys to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a Boston firefighter. Do Or Die, McColgans last record with the Dropkicks remains a punk rock classic. Still an active fireman in Boston, and living in the blue-collar, Irish catholic neighborhood of Dorchester, Mike McColgan never stopped writing music and was ready to hit the stage and studio immediately.

Savin Hill was recorded at Q Division (Boston, MA) and produced by Nate Albert (Mighty Mighty Bosstones/former guitarist/songwriter/producer) and Matthew Ellard.

The album, out on September 23rd, is loaded with special appearances by artists such as Dicky Barrett of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones ("Justifiable Fisticuffs") and Ken Casey and Al Barr of Dropkick Murphys ("Stand Up.") Savin Hill marks the first release for LA-based, Crosscheck Records (a division of CMH).

Street Dogs will spend their summer playing select East Coast dates and planning a full US September tour in support of the new record.

Street Dogs On Tour:

7/19- Worcester, MA-Punk Revival w/ Circle Jerks, GBH, Murphy's Law and more
7/25- Providence, RI- Met Cafe w/ The Explosion!
7/30- Rochester, NY- Water Street Festival w/ Flogging Molly
7/31- Buffalo, NY- (venue tba)
8/1- Cleveland, OH- Agora Theatre w/ Flogging Molly
More dates to be announced.