TSOL to replace 7Seconds at PRB club show, SNFU out of the line up

Since 7Seconds recently decided to break up, Punk Rock Bowling has announced that TSOL will headlining the club show that they were supposed to play. The line up will also feature Youth Brigade, Pistol Grip and Brand New Unit. SNFU, who was in the original line up, will not be playing the show either. According to their Facebook post from late February, the band has decided not to play live performances this year. The club show will be at the Fremont Country Club on May 25, 2018. Punk Rock Bowling 2018 will take place May 25, 2018 - May 28, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. You can read Punk Rock Bowling's announcement about the line up change below.

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We found ourselves in a punk rock pickle when 7 Seconds unexpectedly broke all our hearts and called it quits. But, PRB always perseveres! We reached back in our 1982 rolodex, called in a Code Blue and T.S.O.L. responded with a, "Hell Yeah"!

If this awesome lineup is not your cup of tea because you had your heart set on the Marvelli Brothers, we don't understand, but will refund your hard earned duckets. Please contact SeeTickets by end of day April 4 for your refund. SeeTickets- Email: help@seetickets.us or Call: 323-908-0607, 8am – 7pm PT, Mon–Sat

If you're looking to score tickets to this show, keep an eye on our ticketing page, because if someone request a refund, that ticket will become available on our site!