Wax Idols: 'Mausoleum'

Oakland's Wax Idols have released a video for their track "Mausoleum" off their upcoming self released LP Happy Ending out May 16th. Frontwoman Heather Fortune explains the video thusly: “We made this video ourselves with our friend Dalton Townsend and an old Sony Hi8 camcorder. The Monty Python-esque shenanigans are meant to stand in contrast to the bleak environment and subject matter of the song: life carries on after tragedy, but even though you learn to live with the pain of loss, it never really goes away. ‘Mausoleum’ is a song about that feeling—when a memory or random experience has you unexpectedly thinking again about a loved one, and it almost feels like they’ve come back, just for a moment.” Check it out Below.