Good Friend

Punknews is very excited to premiere Good Friend's music video for their song "D.L.B."(which stands for "Dirty Little Bastard"). The track is from the band's album Ride The Storm, which released in 2016 via Red Scare. Check out the band over on their Facebook page. You can watch the video, read a quote from bassist/vocalist Adam Carroll and see the list of the band's upcoming European tour dates with Guerilla Poubelle below.

With 'D.L.B' we wanted to show an inside look into our first ever US tour while we toured our way to and from our first Fest in Florida. We wanted it to be natural and to show who we were. We're good at having a good time, we're not so good at acting. -Adam Carroll

19 AprilUK LONDONThe Gunners
20 AprilUK TYNEMOUTHSurf Cafe
21 AprilUK BRISTOLThe Exchange
22 AvrilUK NEWCASTLELittle Buildings
23 AprilUK SOUTHAMPTONThe Joiners
24 AprilBE ANTWERPENMusic City
25 AprilDE HAMBURGGun Club
26 AprilDE BREMENTitus Skate Shop
27 AprilDE KOLNLimes Club
28 AprilAU GRAZSub
29 AprilCH AVENCHESLe Magasin
30 AprilFR METZChateau 404