Skiv: "Wasteman"

Punknews is proud to debut the new single, "Wasteman," from London/Kentish punk quartet Skiv. The band, which is part of the Southeast London scene centred around the New Cross Inn venue, formed after the dissolution of DROPTHIS and features that band's ex-lead vocalist, as well as members of Cereal box Heroes.

"Wasteman" is one of several stand-alone singles the band plans on releasing over the course of the year, with the intention to have a new EP ready by early 2019. The song features a melodic and catchy sound, but don't let the poppy tunes catch you off-guard, though. The lyrics have a subtle undertone of frustration that permeates throughout the song. The video, produced and directed by VidiVert, follows the story of a sad sack throughout his dreary day, plus plugging instruments into fruit (who knew that would work)!