Check out the new mind-melting video album by The Prefab Messiahs!

Get ready to have your brain melted because, today, Punknews is debuting the new mind-trip by The Prefab Messiahs!

Psychsploitation Today: The Video Album is a tab of '60s acid rock pulled into the present day. There's a swinging guitar. There's British invasion gang-chorus. There's alien vocals. There's grinding riff after grinding riff. And on top of that, the whole thing is presented as video that will make you feel like you got lost in the chemist's basement for about a week. That is to say, a lot of stuff is trippy, but not much is as trippy as this while still swearing allegiance to unbridled rock n roll.

You ca n pick up the CD via Lollipop records and pick up the tape via Burger Records. Meanwhile, check out the audio-visual grey smatter scrambler below, right now!