by Streams

The sun's out, and we're all longingly staring out the window daydreaming about being anywhere but stuck at a desk. Whether you just celebrated Victoria Day up in Canada or are gearing up for Memorial Day weekend in the States, summer is in the air. There's no better accompaniment for that feeling than "All My Friends," a massive power-pop anthem from Surf Dads. The Regina, Saskatchewan duo are proving to be prolific, having released three EPs over the course of three months. The latest is appropriately titled Long Weekend and is due on June 15 from Grind Central Records. It includes "All My Friends" and three other tunes. Click below for the premiere.

Surf Dads Tour Dates

June 13NXNE (Dakota Tavern)Toronto ON
June 27Gateway Music FestivalBengough, SK
July 7Grind Central FestivalRegina, SK
July 26Regina DowntownRegina, SK
Aug 3TBAEdmonton, AB
Aug 4Dickens PubCalgary, AB
Aug 5TBAKelowna, BC
Aug 6333Vancouver, BC
Aug 10The MercuryRegina, SK
August 11AmigosSaskatoon, SK


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