Watch the new video by The Split Seconds!

Today, Punknews is pleased to debut the new song by The Split Seconds!

The band's new video, "Everybody's Wrong," might have a buzzy beat, but the core of the song is one dark trip. This band takes the melodic hook of bands like Green Day and Mr. T Experience and injects some Cheap Trick style buzziness. But, despite the sunny sound, this track is bleak.

Speaking to Punknews, singer Drew Champion said, "'Everybody’s Wrong' expresses a rejection of the dominant DC culture that places subjective feelings above objective truth. I wrote this song during the 2016 election. Lies, fantasies, and twisted truths poured from every television, radio, and smartphone. This was particularly acute in the Nation’s Capitol. At the same time my mother came down with a severe psychiatric condition and she too was carried away by delusions. Some of the verse lines were written in the hospital waiting room as she received emergency shock therapy. Everywhere I turned, people were divorced from reality. Everybody was wrong. Most of the street scenes were shot near Dupont Circle and Capitol Hill in DC, dodging cops and snooty neighbors."

You can pick up the band's new album right here.. Meanwhile, watch the video for "Everybody's Wrong" below, right now!